2019 Albany LatinFest set for August 24th


Washington Park will be filled with the sights, smells, and sounds of the Hispanic culture on August 24th as people celebrate their Latin heritage at the 2019 Albany LatinFest. Starting at 11 am, the afternoon will include musical performance illuminating the diversity of Hispanic music, many food options, arts and craft vendors, kid-friendly activities; and community, government, and business information booths. In the past, Albany LatinFest has featured talented musicians such as Bachata Heightz, Don Sonero, and Tony Vega to highlight the range of genres in Hispanic music.

LatinFest honors the beauty of Hispanic culture and recognizes the contributions of Hispanic Americans on every level from local to international. This event serves as a tradition that supports a community that is often underrepresented especially in Albany. Organized by the Albany Latin Festival Association, this event’s goal is to bring Hispanic people of all backgrounds together to celebrate their culture and help shed light on the incredible Hispanic community Albany has. 

There is a donation page set up on the Albany Latin Festival Association Facebook, so if you are interested in LatinFest and want to support more Latin events in the future through this association that option is available to you. LatinFest is on Saturday, August 24th from 11 am to 6 pm in Washington Park Albany, NY 12203. Visit AlbanyLatinFest.org or call 518-334-1105 for more information about this event. 

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