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Rodney Alan Greenblat: God Over Catskill @ Hudson Hall
Hudson Athens Light @ Hudson Hall Hudson. This group exhibition of paintings, photography and sculpture, illuminates and corroborates the ecological, historical, commercial and aesthetic splendors of our bend in the Hudson River since the days it was the Mahicantuck. Opening reception: Saturday, March 23, 5-7pm. (Through June 9)

George Guarino: Guessing Frame @ PH Gallery
Photo 21: Future Forward @ PH Gallery, Troy. The fourth annual juried group exhibition aims to push the boundaries of photographic processes and expression. Opening reception: Friday, March 29, 5-9pm. (Through May 31)

Virginia Bryant: For Whom the Bells Tolls @ The Chapel + Cultural Center
Virginia Bryant @ The Chapel + Cultural Center, Troy. A solo show of intricate, colorful abstract paintings by Virginia Bryant. Opens Tuesday, April 2.

Dan Devine: Calf @ Thompson Giroux Gallery
Dan Devine: Impact @ Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham. Dan Devine’s plaster castings investigate the impacts of accidental car crashes as a metaphor for climate change. Opening reception: Saturday, March 30, 5-6pm. (Through May 5)

Rhea Nowak: Cairns @ The Arts Center
Rhea Nowak: The Cairns @ The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy. Using traditional and contemporary etching techniques, Rhea Nowak combines mark making with photo-based images to develop a lexicon of signs, symbols, and glyphs. Public reception: Friday, March 29, 6-8pm. Artist’s talk: Thursday, April 4, 6pm. (Through April 12)

Last Chance to See:

Paintings by Jae Schalekamp (top) and assemblage by Diane Golden @ Saratoga Arts
Uncovered @ Saratoga Arts, Saratoga Springs. Assemblages by Diane Golden, paintings by Jae Schalekamp and photographs by Emily Vallee. (Through March 23)

David Ambrose: In a French Garden @ LABspace
Be Mine @ LABspace, Hillsdale. Works by Amy Lincoln. Barbara Slitkin, Cathy Wysocki, David Ambrose, Dina Bursztyn, Elisa Pritzker, Jackie Shatz, Julie Chase, Melissa Stern, Polly Shindler, Sascha Mallon and Wayne Hopkins. (Through March 24)

Paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca @ Good Purpose Gallery
Two Perspective @ Good Purpose Gallery, Lee.Watercolors by Pat Hogan and oil paintings by Marcelene I. Mosca. (Through November 13)

(Top) Thomas Cole: View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm (detail) and (bottom) Lisa Sanditz: Fumigation Tents (detail) @ Albany International Airport Gallery
Landmark @ Albany International Airport Gallery, Albany. The gallery celebrates its 20th anniversary with this exhibition of visual artists and writers reflecting upon a changing American landscape. (Through March 25)

In the Beginning” by Paul Chapman: In the Beginning @ The Paul Nigra Center for the Arts
2019 Winter Art Show @ The Paul Nigra Center for the Arts, Gloversville. A group show of more than 120 works of a variety of media and themes made by more than 40 artists from across the state of New York and beyond. (Through March 26)

Amelia Busha: Vacant @ Lapham Gallery
&deg120 Intercollegiate Arts Regional @ Lapham Gallery, Glens Falls. A juried fine art exhibition for students attending an accredited college or university located within 120 miles of Glens Falls, featuring 62 pieces from 27 different artists representing 11 colleges/universities. (Through March 27)


Works by John Van Alstine @ Clement Gallery
A Quiet Romance: Works from the Dr. James W. Flosdorf Collection @ Clement Frame Shop, Troy. Curated by Jon Christopher Gernon, original works by David Austin, Jane Bloodgoode-Abrams, Charles Bremer, David Brickman, James “Jim” Flosdorf, Jon Gernon, Laura Glazer, Robert Gullie, Michael Hutter, Jim Lewis, Willie Marlowe, Robert Moylan, Harry Orlyk, Wren Panzella, Tim Slowinski, Tom Schotman, Chad Smith, L.F. Tantillo, John Van Alstine, Laura Von Rosk, Wendy Williams, Deborah Zlotsky and others. (Through March 30)

Works by Kyle Cottier @ Queen City 15 Gallery
Kyle Cottier: If Wishes Were Horses @ Queen City 15 Gallery, Poughkeepsie. Works by Newburgh sculptor Kyle Cottier. (Through March 30)

George Guarino: Times Effigy @ Uncommon Grounds
George Guarino @ Uncommon Grounds, Clifton Park. Recent hypnotic works by George Guarino. (Through March 31)

Elihu Veddder: San Gimignano @ The Hyde Collection
Elihu Veddder: San Gimignano @ The Hyde Collection
From the Vault: Staff Selections @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. Paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture spanning five centuries chosen by Museum staff from its 4,000-work collection. (Through March 31)

Nicole Cherubini: we are here @ University Art Museum
we are here: Nicole Cherubini @ University Art Museum, Albany. Ceramic sculptures by Nicole Cherubini that integrate elements such as platforms, frames, wood armatures, fiberboard, acrylic paint and found objects. (Through April 1)

Carrie Schneider: Rapt @ University Art Museum
Carrie Schneider: Rapt @ University Art Museum, Albany. Motivated by Linda Nochlin’s 1971 historical text “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?,” Carrie Schneider approached one hundred friends – including artists, writers, and musicians – to read a book of their choice, written by a woman author, while she captured the process on film. (Through April 1)

Louise Lawler: Birdcalls @ University Art Museum
Louise Lawler: Birdcalls 1972/81 @ University Art Museum, Albany. Louise Lawler’s audio recording and text will be featured in the Museum’s entrance and lobby. Lawler conceived the work early in her career while collaborating on a project on the Hudson River piers in lower Manhattan. Having to leave the site late at night and growing frustrated with the way male and female labor was valued, Lawler resolved to loudly mimic the names of her famous male colleagues in the form of birdcalls. (Through April 1)

Arde la Tierra / Aching Land @ Martinez Gallery
Arde la Tierra / Aching Land @ Martinez Gallery, Troy. Works by Gary Masline, Barbara Masterson and Alexis Mendoza. (Through April 5)

Claudia Waruch: Future Kimono @ Greene County Council on the Arts
Coping: Art to Process Illness, Decay and Loss @ Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill. A group exhibition of works by artists who are using the creative process to work through health crises, mental illness and the loss of loved ones. (Through April 13)

Collage by Wayne Hodge at Opalka Gallery
In Place of Now @ Opalka Gallery, Albany. An exhibition that showcases both emerging and established artists whose work engages in the politically subversive acts of picturing “otherness,” reinventing the past and reclaiming the future, featuring works by Willie Cole, Renée Cox, Shani Crowe, Krista Franklin, Wayne Hodge, Darian Longmire, Stacey Robinson and Alisa Sikelianos-Carter. Curator’s Tour: Thursday, April 11, 5:30pm. (Through April 14)

Judi Bommarito: So Lonely @ The Center for Photography at Woodstock
Here Today @ Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock. Photography by Judi Bommarito, KayLynn Deveney, Lydia Goldblatt and Jane Paradise that examines age and aging in contemporary society. Closing reception and artist talk: Saturday, April 13, 4-6pm. (Through April 14)

Universal Bond @ The Laffer Gallery
Universal Bond @ The Laffer Gallery, Schuylerville. Works by Anne Sutherland, Tracy Helgeson, Dan Greenfeld and Robert Moylan. (Through April 14)

Jim Pond: Family in convertible somewhere in Texas @ The Hyde Collection
Jim Pond: Family in convertible somewhere in Texas @ The Hyde Collection
Colorama @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. An exhibition that examines the massive advertisements displayed in New York’s Grand Central Station, offering insight into America and the histories of advertising, photography and technology. (Through April 14)

Jenny Nelson: Traveling @ Carrie Haddad Gallery
Contemporary Artists @ Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson. Opens Wednesday, March 6. Artworks by Jenny Nelson, Nancy Rutter, Laura Von Rosk, Donise English and Andrea Moreau. Also on display: photography by Birgit Blyth. (Through April 21)

Works by Hiroko Ote @ Schick Art Gallery
Fiber Art from Japan and the Netherlands @ Schick Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs. Contemporary fiber works by Japanese artist Hiroko Ote and Dutch artist Stef Kreymborg. (Through April 22)

Katherine Bernhardt: Green @ Art Omi
Katherine Bernhardt: Green @ Art Omi
Katheriine Bernhardt: GOLD @ Art Omi, Ghent. Katherine Bernhardt’s works are inspired the color pink, panthers and cultural icons. Reception Saturday, April 6, 2-4pm. (Through May 18)

The Second Buddha: Master of Time @ The Tang
The Second Buddha: Master of Time @ The Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs. An exhibit that presents the story of the legendary Indian Buddhist master Padmasambhava, widely credited with bringing Buddhism to the Tibetan lands. (Through May 19)

Frank E. Schoonover: Abe Catherson Pursues Masten Across the Desert @ Norman Rockwell Museum
Frank E. Schoonover: American Visions @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. An exhibition of artworks by the noted Golden Age illustrator, including paintings for such classic stories as Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, and Ivanhoe, as well as illustrations for the novels of Zane Grey. (Through May 27)

The Art and Wit of Rube Goldberg @ Norman Rockwell Museum
The Art and Wit of Rube Goldberg @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. Beginning in 1912, the hand-drawn diagrams of his outlandish inventions established Rube Goldberg as one of the most popular cartoonists of the time, and the term “Rube Goldberg Machine” was coined. (Through June 9)

The Sculpture of Larry Kagan @ Albany Institute of History and Art
Shape and Shadow: The Sculpture of Larry Kagan @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. A retrospective exhibition featuring 50 works from three distinctive phases of noted Troy sculptor Larry Kagan’s career: the 1970s cast acrylic sculptures that reflect and refract light; the found steel works from the 1980s and 90s that play with texture, pattern and shape; and more recently, the shadow pieces that rely on strategically positioned steel rods to sculpt light. (Through June 9)

Emily Evveleth: Big Pink @ The Tang
Like Sugar @ The Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs. An exhibition that explores both the problematic and the joyful aspects of sugar, with works by contemporary artists such as Vik Muniz, Julia Jacquette, Zineb Sedira, Laurie Simmons and others. (Through June 9)

Iván Argote, Turistas (Christopher Pointing Out the South, At Bogota) @ Mandeville Gallery
A Decolonial Atlas: Strategies in Contemporary Art of the Americas @ Mandeville Gallery, Schenectady. Recent works by artists from the United States and Latin America grappling with continued questions of colonialism and postcolonialism in an effort to locate “place” in contemporary society. The exhibition highlights the medium of video as a critical tool for expanded narratives and immersive imagery, in addition to painting, photography, sculpture and works on paper. (Through June 16)

Garnet Necklace Retailed by James Mix, Jr. @ Albany Institute of History and Art
Bejeweled and Bedazzled: Jewelry and Personal Adornment @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. An exhibition focusing on the Institute’s collection of jewelry and objects of personal adornment, from precious stones and ornaments to fabric ribbons, rhinestones and even braided human hair. (Through July 28)

Four-Column Parlor Stove, John Morrison of the Green Island Stove Works @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
Four-Column Parlor Stove, John Morrison of the Green Island Stove Works @ The Albany Institute of History and Art
Heavy Metal: Cast Iron Stoves of the Capital Region @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. During the nineteenth century, Albany and Troy manufacturers were considered to be among the largest producers of cast-iron stoves in the world. This exhibition of 25 cast stoves from the Institute’s collection showcases these utilitarian objects as both works of art and technological innovations that made the home more comfortable as well as beautiful. (Through August 18)

Back in My Day: Childhood, Play, and Schenectady @ Schenectady County Historical Society, Schenectady. An exhibition examining play and childhood in both the 20th and 21st centuries. (Through November 16)

Christopher Wool: Untitled @ Art Omi
Christopher Wool: Untitled @ Art Omi, Ghent. Christopher Wool’s large-scale bronze and copper plated steel sculpture demonstrates his penchant for appropriating existing forms, deriving their structure from ranching wire found around his property in Texas. (Through December 31)

Rafa Esparza: Detail of New American Landscapes. Self Portrait: Catching Feelings (Ecstatic) @ MASS MoCA
Rafa Esparza: Staring at the Sun @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. A solo exhibition in which Rafe Esparza continues his investigation of the labor-intensive process of hand-making adobe bricks by creating a new space out of adobe, while also returning to his practice as a painter. (Through December 31)

Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman: Main Gate @ MASS MoCA
Nicholas Whitman @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Nicholas Whitman’s 1988 documentary photographs of the abandoned Sprague Electric Company factory that would become the MASS MoCA campus.

Come to Your Senses @ MASS MoCA's Kidspace
A painting by Kaitlyn Mongeon @ MASS MoCA’s Kidspace
Come to your Senses @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Sally Taylor, daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon, curates this exhibit in MASS MoCA’s Kidspace gallery and art-making studio, which will include new music by both of her parents. A program of Taylor’s long-running Consenses project, the show asks visual artists, poets, dancers, musicians, perfumers, chefs and sculptors to use one another’s art as a catalyst to create their own work.

Tom Slaughter: Untitled (Blue Windows) @ MASS MoCA
Tom Slaughter: Icon Alphabet @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Tom Slaughter’s drawings, paintings and cut-paper illustrations examine objects and scenes from the artist’s life in New York and coastal Long Island.

Toys from Jarvis Rockwell’s collection @ MASS MoCA
Jarvis Rockwell: Us @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. A new large-scale installation in which figures from Rockwell’s massive collection of toys and figurines interact and organize themselves on glass panels, soaring over visitors’ heads in the historic light well of the newly renovated B6: Robert W. Wilson Building.

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