VOTE TODAY! New York State Music’s Flashback Musical March Madness


Did you fill out your backets yet?

Sure, there are a few dozen basketball games on tap over the next few weeks, but its also time for NYS Music’s version of March Madness, which in the past, has pitted up-and-coming bands from around the state for a month-long friendly on-line voting competition.

This year, however, NYS Music has taken a radically different approach – looking to the past and present for the field of 64 musicians and artists from all corners of the Empire State.

And, oh yeah, the flashback format has resulted in some wild and wacky first-round bracket match-ups:

Frank Sinatra vs. Blotto
Mary J. Blige vs. the New York Dolls
Blue Oyster Cult vs. Pete Seeger
Billy Joel vs. Cannibal Corpse
Patti Smith vs. Jennifer Lopez
Goo Goo Dolls vs. Cab Calloway
and lots of other surprises

Online voting for the opening round continues til 12midnight tonight (Wednesday, March 20), so get your votes in today…

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  1. Tom Lindsay says

    Tough draw, Blotto.

    10,000 Maniacs vs. Blondie? Yeah, I’ll go Blondie, but sad to see the Maniacs go in the first round. If it was just Natalie solo… goodbye Natalie!

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