LIVE: Banda Magda @ Proctors’ GE Theatre, 2/15/19

Magda Giannikou

Review & photographs by Rudy Lu

The description of Banda Magda’s music could not have been made any better than by the producer of the Passport Series, Mona Golub, who introduced them as “the future soundtrack of a foreign film.” Even though one may not have been able to understand the lyrics – Magda Giannikous sings in quite a variety of languages – one can easily understand the emotions expressed by the music and Magda’s dramatic staging, dancing and movement.

At Proctors’ GE Theatre earlier this month, Greek born Magda Giannikou expressed musical influences from around the world including French chanson, samba, Greek folk music and jazz. Although Magda procured a couch from Proctors’ collection for their “It Came From Schenectady” film series, she seldom stayed on it. She roamed the stage from musician to musician and frequently wandered out into the audience to deliver her musical message.

Her band included Brazilian Apoena Frota on bass, Argentinean Ignacio Hernandez on guitar and three members of the Brooklyn jazz/jam band collective Snarky Puppy: Marcelo Woloski (drums, percussion), Justin Stanton (keys, trumpet) and Keita Ogawa (percussion).

Everyone at the concert left at the end of the night with a smile on his or her face. Her music was understood by all even though most of us could not understand the lyrics. After all, music is the universal language.

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Justin Stanton & Magda Giannikou
Marcelo Woloski
Apoena Frota
Ignacio Hernandez
Magda Giannikou, Keita Ogawa and Marcelo Woloski
Magda Giannikou
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