EMPAC at RPI Presents “Chameleon (The Troy Installments)” [Berkshire on Stage]


At 7:30pm on Thursday (February 7), artist in residence Jaamil Olawale Kosoko will open his studio at EMPAC at RPI in Troy to showcase Chameleon (The Troy Installments), a series of short technical studies from his new dance/theater work-in-progress, Chameleon. The free event will include experiments with theatrical rigging, the amplification of whispers, and choreography. Throughout the evening the artist will be in conversation with EMPAC curator Ashley Ferro-Murray to provide context and reflection.

Chameleon is a multimedia project that uses performance to explore the role of media archives in American Black diasporic communities. Archives of protest and collaborative action take the form of documentary film, popular music and television, and cell phone footage of an event captured by a witness on the street. Chameleon uses theatrical technologies to reveal the subversive impact that these archives have on the systemic oppression and erasure of minoritarian communities.

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