Lou Gramm Retires After Proctors Concert


By Mark Alexander Hudson

At the conclusion of his concert at Proctors in Schenectady last Saturday (December 29), Lou Gramm effectively announced his retirement from live performance, claiming that this was the last show he and his band would play.

He said from the stage that he had talked it over with his wife and others and given the state of the music industry, he felt it was the right time. He thanked the crowd for being one of the best they had played to and said he would stick around to sign merchandise and say goodbye.

He hugged the members of his band, waved to the stunned audience and left the stage.

Full review of the concert to follow…

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  1. Rudy says

    I guess Gramm felt like he wasn’t a jukebox hero since it didn’t feel like the first time anymore.

    I guess his retirement feelings were urgent.

    I know, that was cold as ice…..

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