HOT READS: Nippertown’s Top 12 Stories of the Week


1. RIP: All Over Albany, 2008-2018 (by Staff)

2. NEW CONCERT NEWS (by Greg Haymes)

3. BEST OF 2018: Mike Stampalia’s Top 10 Concerts (by Mike Stampalia, Stanley A, Johnson)

4. BEST OF 2018: Rudy Lu’s Top 12 Concerts, Honorable Mentions Plus Two More (by Rudy Lu)

5. BEST OF 2018: Steve Nover’s Top 50 Concerts (by Steve Nover, Martin Benjamin)

6. BEST OF 2018: Fred Rudofsky’s Top 31 Albums (by Fred Rudofsky)

7. BEST OF 2018: Bokonon’s Top 10 Greater Nippertown Concerts in the English Language (by Bokonon, Andrzej Pilarczyk)

8. BEST OF 2018: J Hunter’s Top 10 Jazz2K Discs (by J Hunter)

9. BEST OF 2018: Michael Eck’s Eastern Liberal Elite Best of the Year (by Michael Eck)

10. BEST OF 2018: Rick Sleeper’s Top 10 Musical Performances at the Cock ‘n Bull (by Rick Sleeper)

11. BEST OF 2018: Fred Rudofsky’s Top 21 Concerts (by Fred Rudofsky, Michael Hochanadel)

12. LIVE: John Scofield’s Combo 66 @ The Egg, 12/7/18 (by Mark Alexander Hudson, Rudy Lu)

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