LIVE: Brett Dennen @ Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, 11/9/18


Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

In one word, or should I say, in one song, Brett Dennen has become the heir apparent to throne left by the late Tom Petty. “Here’s Looking at You Kid,” the title track of one of the two EPs he released this year, was the third song of his concert at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall last month. And that said it all…

Nobody else straddles the worlds of pop-rock and folk like he does. Nobody! And the almost full house in attendance at the Music Hall proved the point.

This was feel-good music. This was positive music about you and about me with all our ups-and-downs in all facets of our daily life, relationships and whatever else comes our way. This was Brett Dennen, a young man who bridges the gap between generations of music lovers. It brings us all around and crystalizes what we stand for and what we feel. He puts into words and conveys feelings about us through his sincere songs.

His music is honest and inviting. I guess “surface” and “shallow” are what works for the greater audience on today’s music scene, but those who were at the Music Hall for Dennen’s show that night know better…

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