“Sonification: Making Data Sound”: Talk & Workshop @ EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]


On Thursday (November 1), data sonification expert Chris Chafe will lead “Sonification: Making Data Sound,” a special program at EMPAC at RPI in Troy. The evening will include two events – a talk and a hands-on workshop. At 6pm, Chafe will give a talk presenting an in-depth look at the potential and application of data sonification. At 7:30pm, he will then lead a workshop for participants interested in exploring sonification using their own data sets. Admission to both is free and open to the public, however, participation in the workshop requires advance registration through the EMPAC website.

For more than 50 years, advances in the fields of computing and musical composition have evolved in tandem. One outgrowth of this relationship is “sonification,” a practice that turns raw data into sounds and sonic streams in order to discover new relationships within the data set by using a musical ear. Similar to data visualization, a strategy that draws insight from data when it is made for the eye to perceive as graphs or animations, data sonification uses sound’s ability to present trends and details simultaneously at multiple time scales, allowing us to absorb and integrate this info the same way we listen to music.

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