TALK: “Cancellations” With Ghislaine Leung & Todd Vos @ EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]


Artist Ghislaine Leung is currently working in residence at EMPAC at RPI in Troy to research the possibilities of integrating spatial audio technologies for an upcoming gallery installation at the Chisenhale Gallery in London. At 7pm Thursday (October 25), Leung will be joined by EMPAC lead audio engineer Todd Vos for “Cancellations,” a public conversation regarding the technical and artistic considerations of the project. Admission is free.

“Active sound cancellation” is a technology common in the design of “noise cancelling” headphones. In order to eliminate unwanted environmental sounds, these headphones create a conflicting waveform that effectively erases the intruding sound. While at EMPAC, Leung is experimenting with the idea of extending this technique to architectural spaces and loudspeaker systems that encompass larger groups of people. Working with 18 hours of audio drawn from three UK commercial radio stations, Leung and Vos are attempting to spatially distribute this material throughout EMPAC Studio 1 in order to cancel and clash sound polarities.

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