FREE: Local 518 Music & Silent Films @ Albany Public Library


The Silent Film Spectacular returns to the Albany Public Library for a series of three evenings this month. The film-and-concert series showcases Greater Nippertown musicians performing live, original scores to accompany classic silent films.

The events will all take place at 7pm on Wednesdays at the Main Branch of the Albany Public Library on Washington Avenue. Admission is FREE.

Here’s the 2018 Silent Film Spectacular schedule:

“The Prolific Magic Egg” and “Sherlock Jr.”
Music by Psychedelic Snakeskin
“The Prolific Magic Egg” is a 1903 short film directed by and starring Georges Méliès. “Sherlock Jr.” is a 1924 film directed by and starring Buster Keaton. Psychedelic Snakeskin will provide the live accompaniment using analog and digital instrumentation to bring attendees sound-collage music from the outer edges.

OCTOBER 17, 7pm
“The Three Ages”
Music by Ryan Devine & Friends
This 1923 film stars Buster Keaton and showcases the wonder of love and romance through three historical periods. Devine plays keyboards for a number of local bands, is a member of Victory Soul Orchestra, and teaches piano.

OCTOBER 24, 7pm
“He Who Gets Slapped”
Music by Raurri Jennings
Lon Chaney plays a bitter clown in this 1924 film. Jennings is lead singer and guitarist for popular local band Front Business.

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