EMPAC Celebrates 10th Anniversary This Week [Berkshire on Stage]


EMPAC at RPI in Troy will celebrate a decade of adventurous programming at the intersection of art, science and technology this week. Marking the 10-year anniversary of the landmark center’s opening in October 2008, 10YEARS will feature three days of new cross-genre performances in theater, dance, music and film, as well as talks, installations and research demonstrations. Among these are the premiere of four newly commissioned works by Wu Tsang and boychild, Yara Travieso, Maria Hassabi and Isabelle Pauwels.

Premiering at 9:30pm Saturday (October 13), Sudden Rise is a new ensemble performance by the collective Moved by the Motion commissioned for the 10YEARS Celebration. Initialized by artist Wu Tsang and longtime collaborator boychild, Moved by the Motion is an ongoing, iterative performance project that features a shifting group of collaborators, in this case experimental cellist Patrick Belaga, musician Asma Maroof (of Nguzunguzu and Future Brown), performer Josh Johnson and poet Fred Moten, who co-authored with Tsang the text “Sudden Rise at a Given Tune,” fragments of which constitute the performance’s script. Moving fluidly between theater, film, music, movement and text, Sudden Rise uses an improvisational structure to resist hierarchies between these disciplines, probe the tension between live and prerecorded forms, and explore a range of different modes of storytelling.

Premiering at 8pm Friday (October 12), Sagittarius A. is an immersive theater performance created by “world maker” Yara Travieso specifically for the EMPAC Concert Hall. Imagining the hall as the “womb” of EMPAC, Travieso uses monumental staging, billowing fabric and large-scale projections to render the space a living, breathing woman. Sagittarius A. is a psychological creation myth that follows two women through narrative twists and turns across the universe and ultimately into an encounter with the infinite void of a black hole.

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