THEATER REVIEW: “The Decorator” @ the Theater Barn [Berkshire on Stage]


Review by Gail M. Burns

For the second year in a row the Theater Barn in New Lebanon has chosen to end their season with a really lousy play. Don’t get me wrong, the cast is great, the set is nice, director Phil Rice has done his best with it, but The Decorator is a lousy, lousy play.

Billed as a bedroom farce (the bedroom is off stage left) it lacks the zip and flair that genre requires. Here the dirty jokes are just dirty, not funny or surprising. Doors don’t slam, and no one gets caught in a faux compromising position while looking for a lost contact lens under the sofa. Donald Churchill’s 1989 script plods endlessly, and he seems incapable of building the stack of improbable possibilities at comprise a truly satisfying farce.

And this is very sad because the Barn has assembled a cast of our finest regional actors. Kathleen Carey gives an impeccable, over-the-top performance as the inept adulteress, Marcia Hornbeam. Mark “Monk” Schane-Lydon gets to show off his range of accents as well as his well-honed comic skills as the house-painter/actor Walter Page. And Colleen Lovett manages to keep a stiff British upper lip even while falling through the seats of various chairs and sofas as Jane, the wronged wife seeking revenge.

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