Bill Shannon Brings His Crutches to Chatham Dance Festival at PS21 [Berkshire on Stage]


PS21 in Chatham continues its 2018 Chatham Dance Festival with performance/video artist Bill Shannon performing his piece “Maker Moves,” on Friday and Saturday (August 10 & 11). Moving on crutches and a skateboard, Shannon explores the essential role failure plays in creative innovation. Performances will take place in PS21’s new state-of-the-art pavilion theater located at 2980 Route 66 in the town of Chatham.

Shannon’s performances involve multiple layers of media and movement. “‘Maker Moves’ is an evening-length solo work that explores my history of making objects to help me move and how those moves led to the necessity of modifying those objects further. I incorporate video to detail specific moves. It helps to tell the story in a dynamic way.”

Shannon has used crutches to walk since he was diagnosed with bilateral hip deformity at age five. At first frustrated by the awkward way he moved up stairs, he eventually identified a rhythm in his movements. He began to experiment, using his crutches as an extension of his body. Years after studying at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, he became a leader in the dance, hip hop, club and urban arts movements.

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