THEATER REVIEW: “The Mousetrap” @ the Theater Barn [Berkshire on Stage]


Review by Gail M. Burns

The original London production of The Mousetrap, which opened in 1952, is STILL running; and there are endless amateur stagings every year all around the world. But if you’ve managed never to see it, this production at the Theater Barn is your opportunity to enjoy a fine mounting of this classic whodunnit.

I am slightly puzzled why this one, out of all of Dame Agatha Christie’s plays, should be the perennial favorite, but there is no arguing with the facts. People love this play.

The setting has almost become a cliché – a young couple, Mollie (Sydney Berk) and Giles (Adam Giannone) Ralston, opens a guest house in their home, Monkswell Manor, about an hour south of London. As their first four guests – Mrs. Boyle (Charlotte Harvey), Major Metcalf (Sky Vogel), Miss Casewell (Cara Moretto) and Christopher Wren (Ali Bourzgui) – arrive a big blizzard snows them in and brings another unexpected arrival, the flamboyantly foreign Mr. Paravicini (John Trainor), who claims his car has overturned in a snow bank.

The police phone to say that Detective Sergeant Trotter (Patrick Scholl) is about to arrive to question everyone in the house about a murder up in London, which is connected to the terrible abuse of three young children at a farm nearby Monkswell Manor about 15 years earlier. One child died from the beating, but a brother and sister, now in their early 20s, survived.

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