Who Is Buggy Jive?


Who is Buggy Jive?

Professor Buggy Jive is a soul-rock singer-songwriter quietly uploading music from a basement somewhere in Upstate New York.

Equal parts Zeppelin and D’Angelo and Prince and Joni in sound and sensibility, his lyrics often mine the literature of the past to make sense of the present – from Ellison to Morrison to Eliot to Didion.

“Literary Kravitz,” as some say.

On rare occasions, he will come out of the basement to perform his songs live – armed with a Telecaster and a pedalboard that’s a bit too big. But Buggy Jive does not come out of the basement often. It’s a problem.

“I don’t play out,” he says. “I play in.”

A compromise? The forthcoming video “The Buggy Jive House Concert,” filmed in his home studio for a small audience of some of his oldest and dearest friends. Kind of.

See it for free via Facebook Live at 7:30pm on Friday (May 11). Really…

  1. Ed Conway says

    Free Buggy Jive. The cellar is no place for such talent!!

  2. Please Don't Out Me Again says

    I agree. Play out, Mr. Jive!

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