LIVE: That 1 Guy / Bloodshot Bill @ Colony, 3/23/18


Review, photograph and videos by Ed Conway

It was a night of one-man bands at Colony in Woodstock recently as That 1 Guy and Bloodshot Bill took to the stage. While their styles of music and showmanship may at first seem like an unlikely pairing, very quickly you begin to realize that it makes perfect sense. While Bill is primarily known throughout the rockabilly world and That 1 Guy comes from more of the electronica realm, they both play their music with an avant garde approach.

Bill’s instruments of choice is guitar, while playing bass drum and hi-hat with his feet. That 1 Guy uses the “Magic Pipe,” a stand with what looks like plumbing-gone-mad attached to it. Connected to the pipe are a couple of guitar strings, one attached to a longer pipe similar to an upright bass, and the other to a shorter pipe similar to a cello. Also attached to the stand are a series of foot switches and a couple of bass drum pedals, all of which are midi triggers for his electronic instrumentation. At one point, he even played a boot hooked into his rig.

Both musicians use their voice in distinct, but similar ways. Bill uses a series of yodels, growls and hollers to punch up his more traditional-style songs. That 1 Guy uses his whiskey-barrel voice, as well as a good deal of throat singing for his. Their vocals are their calling cards, and they use them to their fullest extent.
While both don’t take themselves too seriously and use humor to disarm their audience, this is where the similarities end. Their approach is completely different from each other. Bill’s face is the primary visual effect. He is a man of constant motion, and his boyish grins and wild expressions make everyone have a great time. That 1 Guy, however, uses three screens with computer-generated projections and live selfies as part of his show.

It’s difficult to get a mental picture from my descriptions above, so, please check out the videos to get a better idea of what I’m trying to say. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy their out-of-the-box performances.

Bloodshot Bill
Bloodshot Bill
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  1. Rudy says

    Nice review, videos and pics. Thanks for sharing Ed.

  2. Ed says

    Thanks Rudy!

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