LIVE: Guillermo Galindo’s “Sonic Borders II” @ Skidmore College’s Tang Museum, 3/20/18


Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Artist, inventor, musician, composer…

Born in Mexico and now living in San Francisco, Guillermo Galindo creates musical instruments from found objects that he’s collected – items discarded by “illegals” as they crossed the borders between countries, both here in America and Europe.

Then utilizing his instruments in an evening-length, solo concert at Skidmore College’s Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs, he performed “Sonic Borders II” – an adventurous symphony of migratory peoples fleeing oppression, gangs, war and whatever other unbearable conditions that make people leave behind their homeland in a search for a better life.

A classically trained composer, Galindo abandoned formal structure early in his professional career, and instead embraced a more free-form style of music to better express the spectrum of emotions and the plight of the disaffected migrants seeking a new home or safe haven.

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