Song o’ the Week: Dust Bowl Faeries’ “Sirens”


In honor of International Women’s Day…

Led by singer-songwriter-accordionist Ryder Cooley, the dark cabaret band Dust Bowl Faeries have struck a chord with their new song, “Sirens,” which addresses misogyny and sexual harassment in the art and music worlds. The song was released as a follow-up to The Dark Ride Mixes, a six-song EP released earlier this year. Directed by Lisa Thomas, the video was shot in Catskill.

“Sirens” is not a response to the recent #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Written over a year ago, the song is about the female members of the band’s personal experiences dealing with sexual harassment, both in the music industry and in their everyday lives. Right now, however, the song feels more timely and important than ever.

In addition to Cooley, the Hudson-based band also features lapsteel guitarist Rubi LaRue, bassist Aaron Martin, percussionist JoAnne Stevelos and recent addition John B. Woodin, who plays castanets in the video. Dust Bowl Faeries are also accompanied by Hazel, a taxidermy ram who is the band’s spirit animal mascot.

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  1. ryder cooley says

    Thanks for the support Nippertown, this video means a lot to the band, particularly the women members! You can also see the video on the Dust Bowl Faeries website and facebook pages, along with links to our album (which features Sara Ayers on keyboards and vocals), our new Remix EP and our upcoming show listings.
    Sirens on facebook:
    D.B.Faeries web:

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