FIVE Q’S: Tom Templeton of “Paris Time”


NAME: Tom Templeton
PLAY/MUSICAL: “Paris Time” at Capital Repertory Theatre

1. THE FIRST PLAY/MUSICAL I SAW WAS … I was fortunate to attend a public elementary school (Shen) that afforded students the opportunity to go on field trips to see NYSTI productions. I must’ve seen a half dozen plays by the time I was nine years old. The problem is that it’s almost 30 years hence, and I don’t remember which shows I saw. I do remember seeing local actor David Bunce in several of them. I still admire him a great deal.

2. THE FIRST SCENE/SONG I PERFORMED WAS … My first role was a very minor character in the play, “The Beverly Hillbillies.” I was 12. Think I had three lines.

3. THIS PLAY IS SPECIAL BECAUSE … “Paris Time” is special to me for several reasons, not the least of which is because it is a world premiere. There is something very cool about being the first person to inhabit a role in a fully-staged production. Of course, it’s also challenging for that same reason.

4. I LOVE MY CURRENT CHARACTER BECAUSE … Philippe is awesome. I love his French accent. In a strange turn of events, I began studying French in fourth grade. At the time I took pride in being able to cultivate a believable French accent, but haven’t had to use it in many years. I also adore Philippe’s sense of style. His fashion choices are far cooler than my own.

5. THE ROLE I MOST WANT TO PLAY IN THE FUTURE IS… I desperately want to play Joe Gillis in “Sunset Boulevard.” I haven’t done a musical in several years, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a certain few, including “Sunset.”

In the world premiere of Steven Peterson’s thriller “Paris Time,” actor Tom Templeton returns to the Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany as Phillipe, a quintessentially charming and mysterious French figure. The play begins in previews tonight (Friday, January 26). Opening night is Tuesday (January 30), and the play continues its run through Sunday, February 18.

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