Another New “Concert” Announced for the Times Union Center


Speaking of Pink Floyd…

Yes, another new concert has been announced for Albany’s Times Union Center. At least we think it’s a concert. Or maybe it’s theater?

It’s “Paramount’s Laser Spectacular Featuring the Music of Pink Floyd,” which is scheduled to fill the downtown arena with all of those colorful, high-tech visuals that are so crucial to the big arena-rock shows of today – cutting-edge effects, full color lasers, hi-def multi-screen video projection, concert quality sound and lighting.

So at 7pm on Friday, November 24, prepare for your senses to be bombarded by an array of visual displays, choreographed to the soundtrack of the two and a half-hour show, enhanced to another eye-popping level when viewed through the specially designed 3-D glasses.

Only one seemingly crucial element is missing from the true rock concert experience – a band. That’s right, it’s a light show without any live music. Instead, Pink Floyd recordings – drawn primarily from Dark Side of the Moon (naturally) as well as The Wall, Wish You Were Here and others – will be pumped through the sound system.

Trippy, eh?

Priced at $21.50, $29.50 & $37.50, tickets for the show are slated to go on sale to the general public at 10am on Friday (September 29).

Opening act: Your car in the parking lot…

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