Hieroglyphic Being Brings Outer-Orbit House Music to EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]


On Friday (September 8), Chicago-based electronic musician Hieroglyphic Being will play an extended set at EMPAC at RPI in Troy. Known for his prolific output, shapeshifting persona and highly experimental approach to house music, the DJ and synth artist is committed to the mystical power of dance music to move bodies and expand minds.

Hieroglyphic Being is one of many monikers for performer Jamal Moss, who also runs the record label Mathematics. Others include Sun God, IAMTHATIAM and Africans with Mainframes, each identity capturing a different facet of the artist’s prolific multi-decade output. Referring to his sound as “cosmic bebop,” “rhythmic cubism” and “synth expressionism,” Moss blends the hypnotic, driving pulse of Chicago house music with the expanded palette of experimental electronics. The result is raw, visceral and transportive, deliberately working its way beneath the cognitive mind to access deeper human experiences and energies.

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