It’s the World Premiere of “AFTER” at EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]


Performance maker Andrew Schneider returns to EMPAC at RPI in Troy for the world premiere of AFTER at 7:30pm on Thursday & Friday (August 31 & September 1. AFTER is the follow-up to Schneider’s mindboggling 2015 Obie Award-winning performance YOUARENOWHERE, which ran for two sold-out shows at EMPAC earlier this month. Inspired in part by quantum physics, AFTER picks up where the last show left off, combining theatrical and technological methods to further explore the universe established in the first show.

AFTER is an emotional story about time, bodies, death and physics. The show presents an immersive theatrical environment that challenges the audience to question reality and consider where they are and how they got there. Working over the past year in residence at EMPAC, Schneider and his team developed the show’s content in tandem with experiments in new theatrical technology. In an effort to create intimacy and take the audience to the edge of the human condition, AFTER incorporates projection mapping, lighting effects and sound spatialization technology.

This will be the first time that EMPAC’s Wave Field Synthesis speaker array has been applied in the theatrical context, allowing sound designer Bobby McElver to precisely place and move sounds throughout the performance space.

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