FREE: Choreographer Trajal Harrell’s “The Return of La Argentina” @ EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]


At 5pm today (Tuesday, April 25) choreographer Trajal Harrell will present a special matinee performance of his dance The Return of La Argentina at EMPAC at RPI in Troy. The performance will take place on the EMPAC Mezzanine, and admission is free.

The performance marks the beginning of Harrell’s artist residency at EMPAC, where he will be developing a new choreographic work. Known for bridging the choreographic legacy of Judson Church, a downtown New York City hotbed for postmodern invention, with the culture of “vogue” that originated in the Harlem underground, Harrell works at the intersection of different movement languages, race and gender.

In The Return of La Argentina, Harrell mixes postmodern/vogue styles with the Japanese dance/theater form butoh, co-founded by Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata. Whereas Harlem voguing is inspired by the movements of models, Ohno and Hijikata’s signature work Admiring La Argentina was inspired by La Argentina, the stage name of the famous Spanish dancer Antonia Merce. In his reinterpretation of the classic, Harrell channels Merce’s persona through both the butoh framework and his own vogue sensibilities. This web of danced relationships brings the audience on a journey of remembering, forgetting, memorializing and ritualizing.

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