Greg Nash Benefit Concert @ The Hollow on Thursday


By Don Wilcock

A half hour after Sly Fox posted a call for musicians to play a benefit for drummer Greg Nash, he’d gotten positive responses from arguably the three hottest acts in the 518 area: Wild Adriatic, Super 400 and Sean Rowe. On Thursday (March 23), less than two weeks after Nash suffered a stroke that initially paralyzed his right side, 17 different acts will come to the rescue of one of their own. Love For Greg: A Get Well Soon Fundraiser for Greg Nash begins at 5pm at the Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany. A minimum $10 donation is requested at the door.

Scheduled to perform at the benefit concert are the above mentioned three acts plus Sly Fox & the Hustlers, Mark Emanatian’s Soul Sky, Ralph Renna’s Let Go Daylight, singer-songwriter Erin Harkes and Last Daze featuring Katie Cole, recently signed to Shooter Jennings’ record label.

Sax player Luke McNamee will sit in with Sly Fox & the Hustlers and will be featured in the Stones finale jam that promises to include Harkes singing “Honky Tonk Woman,” as well as her duet with Sly Fox on “Gimme Shelter.”

Sly first met Greg Nash 25 years ago. As 16-year-olds, Sly and Sean Rowe would sneak into Troy’s Rolls Touring Company to see Blue Jeanne Blue featuring Jeannie French, whose repertoire included blistering rock originals and a cover of “Midnight Rambler” that almost made you forget the Stones version.

“She must have played there every other week or something ’cause we saw her there a lot, way more than anyone else that was there, and we saw her quite a few times. And like the third time we saw her, she said, ‘Oh, meet our new drummer, Greg.’ So, that’s how long Sean and I have known Greg.”

Since then, Nash has been the go-to guy for so many area bands. There are connections that run through all 17 of the acts performing at his benefit. “He has so many people coming to his aid here,” says Sly. “He’s filled in for Sly Fox & the Hustlers. He’s filled in for almost every band. He’s like the first guy you call if your drummer can’t show up to a gig. He’s probably played with 35 bands or more.

“I did sound for him at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in a Rolling Stones tribute band called Stripped that Saturday before his stroke. He also does a tribute band called Toys in the Attic which is an Aerosmith tribute. In the Stones one, he sings, plays drums and plays harmonica while he’s drumming. He’s very versatile. Definitely one of his biggest bands was 10 Year Vamp. They did really well.”

It’s the tight connections between the musicians in this area that not only keeps the scene vibrant but invigorates the musicians themselves. They compete, but in a way that is rarely cutthroat.

Sly books both the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy and Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs. “I wear many hats! That’s the whole thing. I’m doing the booking. I’m doing sound. I even bartend, work the door, whatever. Whatever needs to be done. I just keeping busy between everything.

“And I’m just really good friends with all of them (on the benefit) is really what it comes down to because you’ve got people from the Troy, Albany area that don’t know Wild Adriatic that well as far as personally. I mean, they see ’em when they play gigs but because, I’m up in Saratoga I know all these bands, and I helped them do shows in Troy when they first came out. I liked them from the get-go. In fact, the way I would tell people was this is the best rock band in this area since Super 400. So, I booked their CD release party up in Putnam Den. In fact, I had 500 people there for that.”

Additional acts scheduled to perform include two punk bands, The Erotics and Blackcat Elliot; Dashboard Anthem doing Foreigner and Boston covers; a new female-fronted band Under the Den; the high school band Vatrano Road; a laid back duo called Two Guys; and country-rock vocalist Herb Carter.

Obviously having his hands in a number of music-oriented functions puts Sly Fox in a position to put together a benefit like this in short order.

WHAT: Love For Greg: A Get Well Soon Fundraiser for Greg Nash
WHO: Wild Adriatic, Super 400, Sean Rowe, Sly Fox & the Hustlers, Let Go Daylight, Soul Sky, The Erotics, Blackcat Elliot, Toys in the Attic, Dashboard Anthem, Last Daze, Under the Den, Vatrano Road, Two Guys, Herb Carter, Erin Harkes, Luke McNamme
WHERE: The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, Albany
WHEN: 5pm Thursday (March 23)
HOW MUCH: Minimum donation $10 at the door

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  1. Katuna Mcguirk says

    Such an amazing musician and an all around sweetheart! I’ve known Greg for twenty five years when he was in a band called 3deep. They played my 19th birthday party and still till this day it was the best birthday ever.
    Sending all the Osiris vibes, love and healing thoughts his way. If anyone deserves it, it’s definitely Greg.

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