Palace Theatre Announces New Concert


Here’s today’s third new concert announcement…

Veteran singer-songwriter John Prine is scheduled to step into the spotlight at Albany’s Palace Theatre at 8pm on Friday, July 28

Priced at $38, $52.50, $72.50, $82.50 & $102.50, tickets are slated to go on sale to the general public at 10am on Friday.

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Times Union Center Announces New Concert

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  1. Daniel says

    Great booking, but–not to be a Debbie Downer–I wonder if the Palace will have the same sound problems that I witnessed at the Elvis Costello and The Imposters gig? I scratched them off my venue last after that mess.

  2. Fred says

    Oh yeah!!!

  3. John says

    I have always understood that at that level of touring, bands provide their own sound equipment and sound guy, so the sound of the room is dictated by the way each performer wants it and sets it up. I have seen many shows at the Palace (I can’t speak for Elvis Costello, as I was not there) and have never had any problem with sound.

  4. Jam Head says


    The band typically brings their instruments and whats called the backline (amps, drum kit, etc)

    The House–or the house’s contracted sound company –typically supplies the mic’s and cabling on the stage– and the big giant speakers you see off to the side (the PA system that throws it all at the crowd).

    The mixing board is sometimes House, sometimes brought by band

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