FIVE FIRSTS: David Decker of Left Hand Shake

David Decker
David Decker

NAME: David Decker
INSTRUMENT: Bass / Vocals

1. THE FIRST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT WAS … The first album I ever owned was Meet the Beatles, which my Mom bought for me at Woolworth’s in Troy (rather than dragging me out of the store without it). The first album I ever bought with my own money was Rubber Soul by the Beatles. I saved money forever (if not, weeks) from my paper route in order to do so.

2. THE FIRST CONCERT THAT I EVER SAW WAS … My first concert was the Temptations and the Four Tops at SPAC in either 1969 or 1970 – great songs!

3. THE FIRST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT I EVER OWNED OR PLAYED WAS … a St. George six-string guitar. It was fire-engine red with triple pick-ups – again, purchased with money from that same paper route… It was a very crappy guitar – but I thought I was the king of the world.

4. THE FIRST SONG THAT I EVER PERFORMED IN PUBLIC WAS … “House of the Rising Sun,” in what was probably the absolute worst rendition that this song ever endured. And to top it off, it was always (at least) 20 minutes long.

5. THE FIRST BAND I WAS EVER IN WAS … Sand Castle, a band-name as bad now, as it was in 1970.

A veteran of such Greater Nippertown bands as Four Walls, the Vibewranglers and the Erin Harkes Band, David Decker has teamed up with guitarist Blaze Sepowski for the recording project Left Hand Shake, who released their debut album, 8-Track Mind, earlier this month. They’ll hold a listening party for the new album at 6:30pm on Friday (January 27) at the River Street Beat Shop in Troy. Admission is free.

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