A New Home for Albany Center Gallery


It was begun in 1977 by the late Les Urbach, tucked into a modest, unassuming space at the Capital District Psychiatric Center on New Scotland Avenue in Albany. Today (Wednesday, January 18), Albany Center Gallery is opening its doors for the first time at yet another new location – the fifth in four decades.

In 1982 the gallery moved to the former Albany City Arts Building on Chapel Street, and when that building was sold in 2002, ACG took over a room on the second floor of the Albany Public Library’s main branch on Washington Avenue. Five years later in 2007, ACG returned downtown to Columbia Street.

Now with director Tony Iadicicco at the helm, the new gallery – in the Arcade Building at 488 Broadway in Albany, just around the corner from ACG’s most recent incarnation on Columbia Street – will be the first home for the gallery that’s been designed specifically for the exhibition of art, rather than trying to adapt and retrofit an existing space into a room conducive to showcasing artwork. It’s also approximately 300 square feet larger than the Columbia Street location.

Albany Center Gallery is celebrating its 40th anniversary and inaugurating its new home with the opening of the annual Members Show featuring the art of more than 175 regional artists, including such Greater Nippertown art-scene mainstays as Lori Lawrence, David Brickman, Willie Marlowe, Mark McCarty, Mary Pat Wager and Charles Steckler. (See list below)

Following the ACG ribbon-cutting at 4pm, the opening reception for the Members Show takes place from 5-9pm today (Wednesday, January 18) with music by DJ Trumastr. Admission is free.

Here’s a round-up of Greater Nippertown artists whose work is being showcased at the new Albany Center Gallery’s Members Show:

Diahann Addison
Maryam Adib
Alex Allendorph
Irena Altmanova Frinta
Ronda Anderson
Katie Anello
Fern Apfel
Linda Asmus
Arlene Baker
Martin Bannan
Cyndy Barbone
Tiffany Barkevich
Rachel Baxter
Danielle-Marie Beebe
Leslie Berlinsky
Joel Best
Natalie Boburka
Ava Bock
David Brickman
Bill Broderick
Mike Brown
Marilyn Bunnell
Lynne Bunnell
Laura Cannamela
Steven Carberry
David Carter
Carol Caruso
John Catalfamo
Lorraine Chesin
Matt Chinian
Michael Clancy
Stephen Condon
Joel Cornell
Jamie P Courcelle
Rene Cozens
Douglas Cramer
Lisa Crompton
Jian Cui
Rayann Czarnecki
Chris Demarco
Daniel DeRusso
Andrew Dines
Chris Duncan
Thomasa Dwyer Nielsen
Dorothy Englander
Ray Felix
Jeanne Finley,
Shawna Fitzsimmons
Jim Flosdorf
Anna Fort
Dan Frinta
Connie Frisbee Houde
Karen Gerstenberger
Robyn Morgan Giddings
Gary Glinski
Albert Gnidica
Allison Gomez
Carlsbury Gonzalez
George Guarino
Deb Hall
Thomas Hansen
Barbara Harshman
Martin Hatcher
William Hetzer
Suzanne Hicks
Dave Higgins
Susan Himmel
David Hinchen
Susan Hoffer
Michael Joyce
Kathy Klompas
Debra Kowalski
Kevin Kuhne
Phyllis Kulmatiski
Sonja LaPointe
Katelyn Laleman
Michael Lattanzio
Lori Lawrence
Michelle Lee
Mara Lefebvre
Channing Lefebvre
Peter Leue
Tina Lincer
Alexandra Lindsay
Pasquale Littlejohn
Robert Longley
Amy Luke
Liz Lynch
Lisa Lytle
Linda MacRitchie Graf
Sarah MacWright
Gary Maggio
Gay Malin
Jessica Mansmith
Willie Marlowe
Gary Masline
Laura McCarthy
Mark McCarty
Dan McCormack
Janice Jeane Medina
Julie Mereson
Catherine Wagner Minnery
Rene Molineaux
Jordan Munn
Susan Myers
Nedra Newby
Steve Nover
Susan Nowogrodzki
Gina Occhiogrosso
Dorothea Osborn
David Painter
Stephanie Palazeke
Philip J Palmieri
Julie Pamkowski
Kathie Panting
Rita Papandrea
James Paulsen
Kenneth Peek
Andrew Pellettieri
Andrew Petruzzelli
William Pettit
Linda Pinkans
Celeste Plowden
Ellie Prakken
Rolando Reyes
Jennifer Richard-Morrow
Luba Ricket
Kellen Riell
Mary Ellen Riell
Linda Ryder
Jae Schalekamp
Jason Schultz
Cadence Schwart,
Charles Semowich
Michael Shannon
Laura Shore
Craig Shufelt
Sharon D Siegel
Ruby Silvious
Darren Skotnes
Christine Snyder
Chris St.Cyr
Linda Starr
Charles Steckler
Sean Stewart
Susan Stuart
Theresa Swidorski
Grace Tatara
Phil Teumim
Richard Tomasulo
Yeachin Tsai
Israel Tsvaygenbaum
Leo Valenchis
MiChelle Vara
Timothy Varney
Paula Vatalaro
Elisabeth Vines
Richard Vitkay
Carl Voegtling
Gordana Vukovic
Mary Pat Wager
Takeyce Walter
Alex Waters
Jacqueline Watsky
Larry White
Brian White
Jeff Wigman
Cheryl Wikstrom
Brian Williams
Hannah Williams
Thom Williams
Shannon Wilson
Ruth Young

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