Other Voices, Other Rooms…


From Playboy: Yes, Phantogram is in Playboy. No, it’s not what you might think – Sarah Barthel keeps her clothes on, although she does don some bunny ears. But Michael Tedder conducts an interview with the duo in which they discuss working with big-name producers and songwriters, what they do during their rare downtime, EDM festivals, “The Gilmore Girls” and more. Josh Carter also refers to Greenwich as “a little podunk town.”

From The Alt: We’re not complaining that The Alt put Phantogram on their cover last week. Really, we’re not. But for all its touting of how “alternative” to the mainstream press The Alt was going to be, Phantogram is also on the cover of the entertainment tabs of The Daily Gazette and The Times Union

From CRUMBS Local Music Blog: Andy Gregory decries the Times Union’s lack of support for the Local 518 music scene with Your Band Doesn’t Matter in the 2017 Times Union Best Of Poll.

From CRUMBS Local Music Blog: And The Times Union redresses the situation….

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