FREE: Tribute to Pauline Oliveros @ Albany Public Library

Pauline Oliveros
Pauline Oliveros

The life and legacy of the late electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros will be celebrated with a tribute concert at the Albany Public Library at 7pm on Wednesday (January 11). Greater Nippertown musicians will perform compositions inspired by Oliveros’ teachings at this special concert co-sponsored by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective.

The composer, accordionist and musical philosopher pioneered the concept of deep listening, a “practice based on principles of improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation, designed to inspire both trained and untrained musicians to practice the art of listening and responding to environmental conditions in solo and ensemble situations.”

At the time of her death in November, Oliveros was a distinguished research professor of music at RPI in Troy.

“This amazingly talented and world renowned musician, composer, and researcher was teaching right here at RPI,” said Sarah Clark, musician and librarian who directs the library’s Creative Services Department. “In addition to being a pioneer of electronic music, she wrote books about music, was the 2016 recipient of the John Cage Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, had a black belt in karate, and was the founder of deep listening.”

During the tribute, Local 518 musicians will discuss Oliveros and perform electronic music pieces inspired by her teachings. Among the musicians scheduled to perform are percussionist Matt Weston, the drone trio Buttfort, electronic free music project Parishi, as well as Andrea Williams, a sound artist, composer and RPI doctoral student, is one of the tribute’s featured performers.

On the most recent episode of the library’s Albany Made podcast (below), Williams talked about working with Oliveros. “She was an amazing composer. Pauline did a great job of staying relevant her entire career… in this male dominated field.”

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