Donovan, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?



“The first record album that I bought? Oh, my goodness. I grew up in Scotland until the age of 10 when I moved to England with the family. So I think my first record may have been a little hard 78 RPM record of Andy Stewart singing Robert Burns’ `My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose,’ which was a gift from my mother.

“I’m trying to think…

“But the first record that I actually bought for myself, it would be Buddy Holly. It was an EP. They weren’t released as albums in Britain. Singles were in America, I guess, but by the time that they were sold in England, you could buy them four songs to a record.

“I’d buy one EP one week, and one EP the next, and slowly I’d build up a collection.

“Buddy Holly fascinated me as an adolescent, but I didn’t know until later that his roots were in folk music.”

Donovan brings his tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of “Sunshine Superman” to the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall at 7:30pm on Wednesday (September 14). Tickets are available, priced at $36 & $42.

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  1. Paul says

    The SECOND record I ever bought was a single of Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”. The purchase was made with my allowance from a revolving rack at an A&P supermarket. I had no idea who Donovan was, but my purchase – a week earlier – of “Snoopy vs the Red Baron” made me a bit of a hit with the other kids on my block, so I decided to see if I could strike gold a 2nd time with a purchase of Donovan’s peculiarly titled song.

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