HEARD: Playlist, 8/15-21/16


Just so you know where our ears have been at, here’s a rundown of what we’ve been spinning at Nippertown HQ this past week (CDs, vinyl, streaming and maybe even a cassette or two):

Various artists: What’s Shakin’ (Collector’s Choice Music, 2005)
Keith Jarrett: Spheres (ECM, 1985)
The Neville Brothers: Yellow Moon (A&M, 1989)
Jeff Lang: Everything Is Still (Bobby Dazzler, 2001)

  1. steve nover says

    now that’s some short list……….unless Keith was a 20 cd set

  2. Greg says

    Just tellin’ it like I hear it. It was the Olympics, man. The TV got the workout last week, not the CD player…

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