LIVE: Justin Hayward @ The Egg, 5/18/16

Justin Hayward
Justin Hayward

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

No, it wasn’t the Moody Blues, but it was the voice of the Moody Blues, Justin Hayward – joined by keyboardist/backing vocalist Julie Rogins and guitarist/opening act Mike Dawes – as he served up an charming evening at The Egg, deftly balancing his own solo material with classic selections from the Moody Blues catalog.

Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues)
One Lonely Room
Lovely to See You (Moody Blues)
The Wind of Heaven
In Your Blue Eyes
The Western Sky
You Can Never Go Home (Moody Blues)
Watching and Waiting (Moody Blues)
One Day, Someday
The Eastern Sun
What You Resist Persists
Never Comes the Day (Moody Blues)
Your Wildest Dreams (Moody Blues)
Forever Autumn (Jeff Wayne)
Question (Moody Blues)
Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues)
I Know You’re Out There Somewhere (Moody Blues)

Mike Dawes and Justin Hayward
Mike Dawes and Justin Hayward
Julie Rogins
Julie Rogins
Mike Dawes
Mike Dawes
Justin Hayward
Justin Hayward
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