Brad Delp, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?


singer with Boston, RTZ and the tribute band Beatlejuice

“Well, I remember buying `Meet the Beatles’ when that came out. I had records when I was a kid because I have a sister who’s eight years older than me. She was big into Elvis, and I remember playing her 45s of Elvis and Buddy Holly, specifically `Peggy Sue’ and on the other side was a song called `Every Day.’ I remember listening to all of her old Elvis records, especially one called `Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello’ and `Hard Headed Woman.’

“And I know that I bought the single of `The Twist’ when that came out.

“But the first serious album that I bought was probably `Meet the Beatles.’ It was $2.98, I think, in mono. I had to have the Beatles’ albums as soon as they came out.

“And when the Beatles’ butcher cover album came out, I remember going into a local store, kind of like a K-Mart. I had heard about this cover that they had pasted over, but you could see the original cover underneath. The store had a bunch of copies of the album, but on two of them, I could see the butcher cover underneath. Unfortunately, I was too stupid or too poor to buy both of them, but I bought one. I steamed the cover off, and pasted it on the back of the album.”

Saturday (April 16) is Record Store Day, and for music fanatics like us, it’s a holiday kinda like Christmas. So is celebrating the annual event all this week with special bonus installments of our regular “First Record” series, whereby we ask some of our favorite musicians about the first record albums that they remember purchasing. GO HERE to check out the entire “First Record” series…

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  1. Normando says

    Didn’t he die a few years ago?

  2. Greg says

    Yes, Normando. Sadly, a suicide in 2007. This week’s batch of “First Records” were unearthed from a backlog of interviews that I’ve in previous years…

    If you want to know more about Brad Delp’s death, here’s a pretty fascinating story from the 2/20/11 Boston Globe by Geoff Edgers:

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