Post-Oscars Commentary [Get Visual]


By David Brickman

This year I did not run a “best films” post before the Academy Awards because I hadn’t seen enough of the contending movies (yet) to offer much in the way of useful commentary. Sorry about that!

But I did honor my personal tradition of going to see a nominated film on Oscar night by catching the early show of “Room,” which received four nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress, and for which its star, Brie Larson, took home the golden statuette.

So I missed Chris Rock’s opening monologue completely, which I understand did not disappoint in skewering the players on all sides of the black-artists-matter controversy. This discussion is far from over, but I’m glad at least this phase of it is behind us. Adding a lot of politics into a public process that is, still, primarily about two things – art and business – just doesn’t really help.

In the end, for whatever reason, ABC-TV got lousy ratings (no thanks to me!), and several films, especially “Mad Max: Fury Road” got a boost to their bottom line. And that’s what Oscar’s really all about.

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