“Aging Magician” Takes an Amazing Journey @ MASS MoCA [Berkshire on Stage]


Calling this exciting new theatrical production a musical betrays the collaborative magic of its production team, including theater-maker Rinde Eckert, composer Paola Prestini, director Julian Crouch and instrument-maker Mark Stewart. Produced by Beth Morrison (whom audiences will remember from October 2014’s arresting music-theater production, “The Source”) and VisionIntoArt, “Aging Magician” follows a man near the end of his peculiar life on an odd but strangely sweet journey to Coney Island, all punctuated by the lovely Brooklyn Youth Chorus, under the direction of Dianne Berkun-Menaker. See the magic come alive 2pm on Sunday (February 28) at MASS MoCA’s Hunter Center in North Adams.

“Aging Magician” is a haunting, genre-defying adventure that combines theater, music, puppetry, one-of-a-kind instruments, scenic design and film media. The creative team of Prestini, Eckert, Crouch, Stewart and Morrison comprises the most superlative producers in avant-garde theater today. The show follows an ordinary man named Harold, coping with the final stages of his life, as he muses on the movement of time and his own mortality while confronting past loves both lost and imagined. His mind begins to wander while in transit to iconic Coney Island, with fantasy and reality blurring along the subway ride in the “magic show of time itself.”

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