LIVE: Candlebox Acoustic @ The Egg, 2/2/16

Brian Quinn and Kevin Martin
Brian Quinn and Kevin Martin

Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

OK, it wasn’t really a full Candlebox unplugged concert. It was just the duo of Kevin Martin and Brian Quinn sitting down with their acoustic guitars playing tunes from the Candlebox catalog. But that was just fine with the sold-out crowd of fans who packed The Egg’s Swyer Theatre last week.

Of course, the twosome churned through the band’s biggest hits – including the back-to-back “You” and “Far Behind” – but what made the evening special was Martin’s between-tune patter in which he explained the influences and circumstances behind the songs. They also offered a sneak peek at the upcoming Candlebox album, Disappearing in Airports (slated for release on Friday, April 22) with performances of “I Want It Back” and the encore “Alive at Last.”

And tearing through a batch of radio-ready originals, Queensbury’s Frank Palangi made quite an impression as the opening act for the evening as well.

Pete Mason’s review and Erin Reid Coker’s photographs at NYS Music

Sweet Summertime
Cover Me
I Want It Back
Miss You
Lover Come Back to Me
Far Behind
The Weight (Brian Quinn solo)
Alive at Last

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin
Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi
Brian Quinn and Kevin Martin
Brian Quinn and Kevin Martin
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  1. Oswegomatt says

    Sounds like this was much better than the Neptunes show back in October. I am not a huge Candlebox fan by any means but love hearing music stripped down so I gave it a go. Kevin Martin seems annoyed, as was I, by the drunken, noisy crowd that was much more interested in where their next drink was going to come from instead of some good sounds coming from the stage and I am not sure why I was surprised. The Swyer Theater I am sure was a much better setting.

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