Song of the Week: Free Cake for Every Creature’s “For You”


Led by Katie Bennett, Free Cake for Every Creature is stirring up plenty of buzz for their upcoming new album, Talking Quietly of Anything with You, even though the release date is more than two months away – April 15, to be exact, on the Double Double Whammy label.

Vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and Skidmore College alum Bennett started FCFEC in Saratoga Springs, but she’s since relocated to Philadelphia, where their new video for “For You” was filmed. The band – which also features guitarist-vocalist Colin Manjoney, drummer Francis Lyons and bassist Ian Stewart – returned upstate to record their upcoming album with producer Chris Daly at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz.

Their “For You” video was posted on NPR’s website on Wednesday (February 3), with Lars Gotrich declaring, “If your twee-dar’s going off, it’s because Free Cake for Every Creature’s song ‘For You’ is as cute as a one-inch button pinned to a thrift-store jacket. The VHS-quality video is equally adorable, shot on the streets of Philly on a budget befitting the back half of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes,’ replete with floating doughnuts and questionably successful high kicks.”

And at Stereogum, Collin Robinson wrote, “Free Cake For Every Creature make effortless, impassive indie pop that still finds its way to your gut through its easy relatability and into your brain due to some catchy melodies and phrases. The video is a low-key chill session between friends shot in lo-def… It looks like it was a lot of fun to make, and it will make you crave a donut or two.”

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