ArtBeat: “Folk Modern” @ Albany International Airport Gallery [Get Visual]

Installation of found-object assemblages by Jack Metzger, 2006-2015 (photo: Arthur Evans)
Installation of found-object assemblages by Jack Metzger, 2006-2015 (photo: Arthur Evans)

Review by David Brickman

The creative process can be deceptively simple, but I find exposure to it is almost always uplifting. There’s a delight in seeing how a person, whatever their flaws, can draw from within themselves the strength, imagination, and skill to produce something new and wonderful to behold.

Folk Modern, the current exhibition at Albany International Airport Gallery (on view through Sunday, May 8), explores how eight regional makers (perhaps a better word in this case than “artists”) have delved into that creative impulse and, as such, is a celebration of it. Emblematic of the special qualities of this process is the work of Jack Metzger (pictured at the top of this post), a shop owner who seems to just really like to collect odd, old stuff and mess around with it. His installation in the show reveals a discerning eye, a sense of wit and a reverence for the integrity of a good, mysterious object. It’s also great fun.

The mounted text that introduces the show makes the point that “the wall between folk and fine art has been crumbling for some time, and inhabitants of both sides have been finding much common ground.” Indeed, one would honestly have to admit that, without peeking first at a resume, there’s no way to tell which of these people is on which side of that fading divide.

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  1. carol says

    it was a wonderful exhibit. I urge folk to go and see this installation. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing your insights

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