Remembering Lena Spencer as Caffe Lena Looks Forward

Lena Spencer (photo: Joe Alper)
Lena Spencer (photo: Joe Alper)

We don’t know how many of you receive the weekly missives from Caffe Lena director Sarah Craig, but we wanted to share this excerpt from one of her recent emails, especially because today (Monday, January 4) marks the 93rd anniversary of the birth of Caffe founder and guiding spirit Lena Spencer:

By Sarah Craig

The greatest thing Lena did was to conduct her business in a way that was inclusive. She honored the contributions of each artist, each worker, each audience member, each wayfarer looking for a place to belong. The greatest thing we, collectively, have done since losing her in 1989 has been to keep acting according her founding principals.

You introduce yourself to the strangers at your table. You encourage your 13-year-old waitress. You give your full attention to the opening act. You see a crooked photo on the wall so you set it straight.

These small gestures of kindness are integral to the Caffe, and they are part of what makes each visit so fulfilling. You surround yourself with your own best self, and feel the same from everyone around you.

As we come together to complete the renovation of the Caffe in 2016, I feel certain that we will bring forward all the best of the “old” Caffe into a “new” Caffe that will better serve patrons and artists. This is such an exciting time. Thank you for taking part in this
breakthrough moment in Lena’s long history.

Check out a show or two this month at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, featuring Local 518 favorites (Sean Rowe, Frank Jaklitsch, Hot Club of Saratoga) and national acts (Darlingside, Tracy Grammer, Guy Davis, Bill Staines)…

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