Here Comes the Analog Fog 1967



Are you ready for a serious rock & roll trip down memory lane?

Well then, let’s jump in the Way-Back Machine, Sherman, and head over to the the Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany on Sunday (November 29). The event is the Analog Fog, 1967, and if you were a Local 518 music fan back in the ’60s, you might be experiencing a mind-bending flashback, as members of such fave ’60s rockers as the Bougalieu, Cathedral, Whitney Sunday, the Sundowners, the Sabres and more all take the stage.

The Gray Things – featuring original members Billy Cioffi (lead guitar/vocals), Mike Olesko (keys/vocals) and Steve Colfer (drums/vocals) joined by Jimmy Hyde (bass) and Ron Alvaro (rhythm guitar) – will be reuniting for a 14-song 50th anniversary performance of ’60s nuggets, including their hit “Charity.”

As Last Vestige’s Jim Furlong raved in the 1980 premier issue of his short-lived but influential music fanzine Blue Lunch, “There are some songs that linger in the mind for long periods of time. You never hear it anymore, maybe, but it’s lurking thru your skull and every once in a while it sings in your inner ear. Well, the song for me is ‘Charity’ by a great local band called the Gray Things. When talking about a gem of punk vinyl from the sixties, this local hit (it reached No. 5 on the charts and fared well regionally) had all the ingredients that made it a punk classic!”

At the Hollow, the Section – featuring guitarist Bernie Mulleda, keyboardist Andrew Costa, drummer Joey Rocco, bassist Lester Figarski and organist Tony Perrino – will be backing many of the performers and leading the wailing Capital District All-Star Jam finale.

Al Quaglieri will act as your cordial emcee for the evening’s festivities, which will also include performances by the Hudson Avenue Blues Band (featuring John Bastiani), Bobby Dick (of the Sundowners), Billy Cioffi & the Monte Carlos, Lisa Robilotto, Drunk by Noon (featuring Larry Copcar) and George Leary’s Percussion Expressions. Expect some surprise guests, too, once the beverages are flowing…

The big bash kicks off at 5pm on Sunday, and tickets are $7 in advance; $9 at the door.

Bobby Dick: The Sundowners… and Beyond

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