LIVE: Anna Nalick @ The Linda, 11/5/15



Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

When the chips are down, it’s good to have the kind of fan support and devotion that singer-songwriter Anna Nalick has. Here are a few reports regarding Nalick’s concert-that-wasn’t at The Linda in Albany last week:

It’s been 10 years since the release of my first album, and in that time I’ve racked up a lot of stories, but I’ve never experienced anything in my career like tonight’s incredible outpouring of love. The tour has been amazing, but last night I didn’t feel well, this morning I was hoarse, by soundcheck I was croaking, and by showtime I had barely a laryngitis whisper. I launched into the first song, but my voice was really giving out. I didn’t know what to do, so I sat down and asked the audience if they wouldn’t mind doing a whispery impromptu question/answer session. I made it all the way through “Wreck,” but it was pretty tragic. I expected people to leave, but they stayed and listened to me whisper through an hour long “show.” In lieu of music, we laughed very hard, we discussed time, human connectivity, where we’re headed, we discussed love that needs no words and is no fool for manipulation or exploitation, love beyond the fear of otherness that causes so many of the absolutely solvable problems humanity faces, and I answered song questions that made me recall details I haven’t thought about in a decade. At the end of my “set,” someone in the audience suggested THEY sing “Breathe” to ME. I cued them, and they sang the whole song. I’m sure I ugly cried through the biggest smile ever. I’ll never in a million years be able to explain what hearing a whole theater full of people singing me the last verse and chorus of that naked little song I wrote when I was a teenager half terrified that anyone would hear it means to me. It’s bigger than music. Thank you, Albany, for your patience, support and beautiful voice. Thank you for being on my side and inviting me to be on yours. My heart grew three sizes tonight.
Anna Nalick, via Facebook, 11/5/15

I wish last night had not happened, but we were amazed, as was Anna, at the audience’s understanding. Most of the sales were advanced, so I have almost everyone’s email. I sent out an email this morning extending the refund, which almost no one had taken last night. A few have taken me up on the offer, but most have responded just to reiterate what a great experience it was. I’ve got to tell you I am mightily impressed with this Albany audience that had every right to react negatively but chose to respond in a way that was truly impressive.
Graeme McKenna, General Manager of The Linda, via email, 11/6/15

We loved the show last night and do not want any refund, as we support Anna and her
career and would prefer the money go toward her (and/or getting her back in town
again) instead of back to us. We would love to accept the complementary ticket
offer, especially if it’s for another Anna show… Last night’s show was an experience we wouldn’t trade for the world. Thank you to The Linda for bringing in an artist of Anna’s caliber and allowing us to have such an unusual yet once-in-a-lifetime experience with one of my longtime favorite artists.
an Anna Nalick fan, via email to The Linda, forwarded by Graeme McKenna, 11/6/15

Anna Nalick hit the stage in Albany with laryngitis and gave it her best try, but partway through her first song she told the crowd that she couldn’t sing tonight, but as she’d never cancelled a show, she could still talk and so she would field questions. After almost an hour (and one song) of brilliant insight and commentary about her work, she was asked if the crowd could sing her big hit, “Breathe (2 AM)” for her. This is the result…
squintyt4e, via YouTube, 11/5/15





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    Feels good to read. Must have been great to experience.

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