ArtBeat: “A Transitional Interpretation” @ Crandall Public Library

Andrzej Pilarczyk
Andrzej Pilarczyk

EDITOR’S NOTE: Regular Nippertown contributor Andrzej Pilarczyk has curated “A Transitional Interpretation: American Roots Music by Five Photographers,” a photographic exhibition of musicians which is on view at the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls through Thursday, December 31. The exhibit features the work of Joseph Deuel, Enid Farber, Bryan Lasky and Lawrence White, in addition to Pilarczyk.

Story and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

One of the most important cultural gifts America has given the world is its unique musical heritage and its ongoing evolution across the entire musical spectrum. Like the quintessential worldview of the United States as a “melting pot,” its national musical character is filled with the cross-pollination of musical styles and genres brewed to perfection by time and modernity.

Roots-Americana, jazz, rhythm & blues, pop music, Tin Pan Alley, the blues, modern singer-songwriter folk, soul, Cajun, bluegrass, country & western, rock & roll, gospel, zydeco, doo-wop, Tejano and many other uniquely American forms of music have their roots in the tribal beats and chants of Native Americans; the historical folk, troubadour and classical idioms of European Americans; the Klezmer and Sephardic musical textures of Jewish Americans; the rhythmic forms of Latin and Caribbean Americans; the simple or complex repetitive-structures of Asian, Indian-Pakistani, Arab and Persian Americans.

My intent in assembling and presenting “A Transitional Interpretation: American Roots Music By Five Photographers” is to show a sampling of the many innovators, stylists and practitioners who are an ongoing and integral part of our national musical heritage. The world-class photographers participating in this exhibit are cultural ambassadors with a camera who have been visually documenting and preserving the legacy of what is American roots music for present and future generations.

ALSO: In conjunction with the exhibit, the Crandall Library has been hosting a series of concerts, which conclude on Thursday (October 29) with a unique collaboration between Ramblin Jug Stompers and Jill Hughes. Showtime is 7pm and admission is free.



  1. Rudy says

    If you love American popular music and/or photography, do yourself a favor and see this exhibit. It is absolutely overwhelming and amazing!

  2. Ed Conway says

    If I had one complaint, it was there was so much to see and absorb I have to go back to take in what I missed the first time. Actually, I guess that’s not a bad thing after all. Andrzez has assembled a magnificent group of photographers for this show.

  3. Richard Brody says

    A great trip through some of our popular music past. Many sensational photos.

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