LIVE: The Alan Doyle Band @ The Egg, 9/23/15



Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

While ushers were still seating patrons, Alan Doyle walked out onstage at The Egg and launched into the the concert by singing an a cappella song. But he wasn’t alone for long…

Although best known as the leader of the Canadian folk-rockers Great Big Sea, this time around Doyle was in support of his recently released solo album, So Let’s Go. The band – advertised simply as the Alan Doyle Band – had become Alan Doyle & the Beautiful Gypsies by the time they hit the stage for their Greater Nippertown debut.

There was plenty of energy emanating from the stage, and it was clear that Dyle and the band – highlighted by Kendel Carson (on fiddle and backing vocals) Cory Tetford (guitar, mandolin and backing vocals) – were having themselves a grand ole time as they delivered an evening of songs from Doyle’s solo CDs, the mighty Great Big Sea catalog and some Newfoundland traditional tunes.






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