Feibes & Schmitt Collection Going to The Hyde


Story by David Brickman

By now many of you know that Werner Feibes has donated about a third of the extraordinary modern and contemporary art collection he amassed with his partner Jim Schmitt to The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, as the news has been splashed all over local media (such as here by Paul Grondahl in The Times Union). The rest of the collection is promised to the Hyde as well, and Director Erin Coe rightly declares it “a transformational gift.”

I’m excited for the Hyde, proud of my friend Werner, and sad for the recent loss of Jim… but not surprised by this bequest, as I predicted it in a 2003 Metroland review, which I wrote when the Hyde mounted the superb exhibition “Form(ation)” that was drawn from the Feibes and Schmitt collection. The news also brings to mind a story:

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