ArtBeat: Scott Brodie Retrospective @ Albany Center Gallery [Get Visual]

Scott Brodie - Waputki 2, oil on canvas 2015
Scott Brodie – “Waputki 2,” oil on canvas 2015

Review by David Brickman

There’s one thing nearly all painters have in common: They love to push paint around. A power-packed retrospective of nearly 40 years of work by Scott Brodie at Albany Center Gallery (on view through Saturday, October 3) amply illustrates this fact and equally demonstrates that it is true whether the image is photo-realistic, totally abstract or anything in between.

And, if you think it’s not possible for a painter to work in such (apparently) divergent styles while maintaining a singular voice, think again. We all evolve over time, but even in a long-term retrospective an artist should show consistency – if they don’t, it’s a sign of inadequate commitment to a vision. Yet Brodie’s show, despite its diversity, makes clear that his vision has remained quite clear over the long haul and, in my opinion, has grown stronger of late.

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