ANSWER: JB’s Theatre Pop Quiz


Yesterday (August 24) marked the 30th anniversary of the grand opening of JB’s Theatre, the concert venue that was located in the former roller rink behind Albany’s Westgate Plaza.

The Trivia Pop Quiz Question was, “How many bands can you name that played the opening weekend of JB’s Theatre?”

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AUGUST 24, 1985: Squeeze, the Hooters, the Truth
AUGUST 25, 1985: R.E.M., the Three O’Clock

Yes, there was a sneak preview pre-opening bash on Friday, August 23. I don’t recall that Eric Burdon performed (as Mark Foster has noted), although he may have. According to my notes from the time, the bands that were scheduled to perform were the Sharks, Rip Roc Bop, Donnybrook Fair, the Fabulous Newports and Johnny Rabb. Can anyone verify who actually played that night?

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