LIVE: Jean Rohe & the End of the World Show @ Caffe Lena, 5/10/15



Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Jean Rohe (guitar, vocals); James Shipp (vibes, percussion); Liam Robinson (accordion, keyboards); Matt Aaronoff (bass); Jordan Peterson (drums)

Sarah Craig has been hitting them out of the park lately, both musically and with attendance records at Caffe Lena. The Mothers Day concert by Jean Rohe & the End of the World Show was more of a musical triumph then one of breaking attendance records, but this is an artist that Craig, the Caffe’s executive director, intends to bring back to the Caffe time and again in the future to build up a regional following for them.

That’s a smart move because the band – made up of Berklee School of Music and Purchase School of Music grads – is one of the finest ever to play the Caffe. Their ability to traverse the most subtle note to the hardest, is uncanny. The five-piece outfit shot out one song after another from Rohe’s newest, self-titled album with the most exquisite interwoven rhythms from India, the Middle East, Europe and, of course, the American roots-music pantheon, with Rohe’s lovely voice sailing in and around every note.

Rohe and her band are one of the finest examples of the “new” amalgam of roots-Americana music coming from Brooklyn, a contemporary hot-bed of mixing and experimenting of musical styles and genres from around the world. TriBeCaStan and Goldspot would be among a few others in their rarefied league.

So stay tuned to’s upcoming concert announcements and Caffe Lena’s schedule because Jean Rohe and her band will be back. Until then, if you’re planning to go to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, you can check her out there, but, of course, it won’t match the experience of an intimate setting like Caffe Lena. Few do…




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