The Name Game: Say Goodbye to TN3


There’s no more TN3.

When the trio of guitarslinger Todd Nelson, bassmaster Kyle Esposito and percolating percussionist Manuel Quintana released their debut album, Here, back in 2010, the disc was credited to Todd Nelson. Along the way, the trio adopted the moniker TN3, a more genre-defying name than the Todd Nelson Trio, which might somewhat mistakenly lump them into the jazz bag.

But a lot has happened since then…

Now the band is about to release their long-in-the-works sophomore disc next week, and they knew it was time for a change.

“This has been a group project from the outset, not a Todd Nelson project,” says Nelson about the upcoming None of the Above album. “Much of the material is co-written; Kyle Esposito engineered most of it; and Manuel Quintana contributed drums, percussion and much more, including the package design.

“So in order to reflect this, the new name will be… drum roll, please… Nelson Esposito Quintana. Or NEQ, if you’re in a hurry or want to save more disk space.”

Of course, Nelson is no stranger to band name changes. He was a founding member of the Local 518 new wave pioneers (and I.R.S. recording artists) the Units, who shifted their moniker to Fear of Strangers in the wake of a California-based band also named the Units.

Nelson Esposito Quintana will be making their debut under their new moniker at 8pm on Friday (May 1) at the University Club in Albany, in conjunction with First Friday. Admission is free.

UPCOMING: Save the date Friday, May 8 on your concert calendar – that’s when Nelson Esposito Quintana are slated to throw their CD release party at the Madison Theater in Albany. Stay tuned for more details and a review of the new CD…

CD: Todd Nelson’s “Here”

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