New Albany Arts Fund Announced



At a press conference at Albany City Hall last week, Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan announced the Capital City Fund, a new fund to support arts, education and cultural programs in Albany.

“This fund is made possible by donations from those who care about our city,” said Mayor Sheehan. “It will support the people and groups that enrich the lives of everyone here, whether through music, public art, and dance exhibits, or by educating our children and building community through neighborhood events and parades.”

The private, non-profit fund will be overseen by the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, and awards will be made by a committee that includes Jack McEneny (a former Assembly member), Deborah Rosen Zamer (a local businesswoman), Michael A. Boots (a development officer at the University at Albany) and Linda Jackson-Chalmers (a former Albany School District administrator).

While there is no limit to the awards that will be made from the fund – which currently includes $80,000 – most will be under $5,000. The deadline for applications for the initial round of funding is Saturday, May 30.

Grants will be made in one of the following three categories:

COMMUNITY/CULTURAL: programs and services that involve a direct benefit to residents, such as the enhancement of a park or the sponsoring of a parade or community event.

ARTS: programs that involve any creative expression, such as music, dance, exhibits or public art projects.

EDUCATIONAL: learning opportunities for youth and/or adults. In this category, extra weight will be given to programs that enhance the mission of the Albany Promise.

“This fund allows everyone in Albany to put their money directly into programs that they care about: small arts, education and cultural groups,” said McEneny, who is also a local historian. “They make all the difference to our quality of life.”

The initial grant from the fund, for $23,000, is being awarded to the Joint Veterans Committee, which sponsors two of the largest parades in Albany: the Veterans and Memorial Day parades. The funding will pay for grave-decoration flags for veterans, a Gold Star Families Luncheon and all costs associated with both parades.

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